Donation Information

Thank you for your interest in donating to help keep this work going.

If you would like to donate to a specific missionary follow the steps below but instead of indicating that you would like the donation to go to Arabs for Christ, indicate the name of the missionary.

Donations go to help us buy Bibles, movies and other materials that are used in evangelism on a day to day basis. The more funds we have here the more things we can distribute.

Funds also go to running safehouses where new believers can find refuge in the event of danger, and missionaries can find a home. More information about us

To send a tax deductable donation.

Make checks out Intermountain West District. Then mail them to

Intermountain West District
P.O. BOX 807
Rock Springs, WY, 82902

Be sure to include a note stating that the check is for Arabs for Christ, please do not place this note in the "memo" field. A receipt will be mailed to you promptly after it is received.

Donate online

If you would like to donate online you can by clicking the following button. However, it will not be tax deductable.